Who’s using the Best Face Oil for Beautiful Glowing Skin?

Sophie Trudeau, Eden Sasoon of Desperate Housewives Beverly Hills, Tara Teng, Miss World Canada 2012, and Kym Gold founder of True Religion jeans.

Well, I have tried so many serums, creams and oils for my face and nothing has given me the results I was hoping for….until now.

A face oil and moisturizer that is all natural is always my first choice, however I have had to stray a little because my skin is very fussy and oily so I break out easily and I’d get little bumps from serums called “milia”

Most recently I was using an all natural face oil that I bought at the health food store and I like it, but I could only apply it to my cheeks.

When my girlfriend Natalie Katerina Hilder asked me to try her unique high quality All Natural Face Oil Blend,

(NH Elixir)ablogoil5

I was very skeptical…especially if I didn’t like it…. then I’d have to tell her and I hated the thought of that. 

She asked me because I love all things that promote holistic health and healing.

She said I could put this face oil all over my face…. again I was REALLY skeptical because I already have oily skin so how can that make my skin look better. The thought of enlarged pores isn’t so attractive and I really didn’t wan’t any skin break outs or tiny white bumps, but I decided to give it a good try, meaning I put it all over my face! And I decided to use quite a bit of it too!! I had to put it to the test!

Below is the first picture I took after using the NH Elixir Luxury Face Oil.



I was Amazed and Wowed from the instant the face oil touched my skin. It is Nothing like my current All Natural Face Oil.

Not even close.

I have always been a big believer in eating essential oils daily for weight loss, beauty, and health and I use coconut oil as my body moisturizer and weekly hair mask, but with my face I wasn’t so sure about putting oil all over it.

Well, I learned that using the RIGHT high quality oils will actually make your skin produce LESS oil on it’s own and will also tighten and plump the skin at the same time because of all the super nutrients and antioxidants your face is absorbing from the oil. I noticed this as soon as I used the NH Elixir. It’s exciting when you find a product that makes you look and feel your best and especially for me, being in alignment with holistic ingredients that promote cellular regeneration.

I LOVE that! YEAH 🙂

DAY 5:

My pores are noticeably smaller!


This All Natural Face oil is Amazing and so are the ingredients!! 

I also never wear foundation unless I make a YouTube video or maybe a photo shoot…so I hardly ever wear foundation. I do love to wear blush, colored lip gloss and mascara! 😉

The NH Elixir is not simply a face serum either it’s a complete moisturizing regenerative elixir as the name states. I found this to be absolutely true as well, as I don’t need to apply my moisturizer after I apply the oil. My skin feels fully hydrated using the oil on it’s own. This too, surprised me as I’ve never experienced that with any serum I have tried. The photos I posted here are after washing my face and using the NH Elixir.

Natalie Hilder, the founder of this magical elixir, created this product out of her own need to heal her skin. She did her research on the Best of the Best oils for healing and regenerating the skin and NH Elixir was born.

What I really LOVED to learn about this Face Oil is that it contains Frankincense and Myrrh Oil which was used by ancient Egyptians in anti-aging beauty treatments and to preserve dead bodies!

Myrrh was used by Cleopatra, ancient Persians and Arab cultures in beauty rituals.

I’ve always loved to learn about Ancient Healing remedies so I am very excited to continue using the NH Elixir.

Just take a look at the ingredients…


ablogoil5 Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender.

Let’s take a look at one of the wonderful oils used in the Elixir… The benefits of Rosehip Oil for skin care and anti aging is now well known. The medicinal uses of Rosehip oil traces back to ancient Egyptians and the Mayans.

Did you also know that Rosehip oil is a favorite of Kate Middleton as she uses this anti-aging face oil for radiant glowing skin everyday!

Here Are The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil:

Rosehip Oil benefits for skin care and anti aging:
Considered a “dry oil” because it easily absorbs into skin. The molecules in rosehip oil are so small they absorb right into the skin easily delivering active ingredients exactly where it is needed.
Rosehip Oil hydrates the skin: Creates a protective barrier on the skin which prevents dehydration
-Rosehip Oil is high in antioxidants Vitamins A, C, and E. Rosehip oil contains high levels of vitamin A, which increase cellular turnover reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C evens skin tone, texture, and pigmentation.
Rosehip Oil for Acne: Rosehip Oil fades acne and acne scars, treats burns, sunburns and stretch marks
Rosehip Oil for Wrinkles: Rosehip oil is found to regenerate the skin , reduce scars, wrinkles and prevent further cellular damage. It also restores lost elasticity of the skin.
-Rosehip oil helps prevent acne before it starts! Good for oily skin as it causes the skin to produce less oil
-Good for dry skin, treats eczema and psoriasis
Rosehip Oil for glowing skin! Gives skin a natural radiant, healthy glow
-Restores elasticity, protects against sun and pollution stressors.

If you are looking for a Really Amazing All Natural Regenerative Healing Face Oil and Moisturizer which leaves you looking simply Radiant and Glowing then you MUST use this oil.

I am 100% certain that you will be Amazed and WOWED

like myself and all the other women now using this wonderful elixir….

Including Sophie Trudeau, Eden Sasoon of Desperate Housewives Beverly Hills, Tara Teng, Miss World Canada 2012, and Kym Gold founder of True Religion jeans.

 Contact me if you’d like to purchase the NH Elixir or carry it in your store.



ablogoil8If you are a Spa or business in holistic beauty and healthcare and would like to bring NH Elixir into your retail store, contact me below for a larger discount.

Recent event where the NH Elixir Luxury Oil was a big success!


The Founder of NH Elixir


I wanted the world’s best skin-care product for my skin, something that would provide me with the dramatic results I was looking for, while also being completely natural. When I was not satisfied with what I saw available on the market, I decided to create the product I was searching for. Inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Near-East cultures and other incredible materials, NH Elixir was born after years of research.  With an ideal combination of deeply moisturizing, anti-aging, and oil-balancing properties; NH Elixir is the ultimate choice for your daily skincare routine.

-Natalie Hilder

As another Bonus I’d also love to offer you my 7 DAY WEIGHT LOSS AND BEAUTY PLAN for a very special price $9.99





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My passion for fitness began over 15 years ago when I was struggling with weight & health issues most of my adolescent life. I remember when I reached over 185lbs, I had had enough, & had to make some big changes!! I trained myself and lost 50lbs...mind you, it took nearly 4 years to do it because I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but I was committed & I was gonna do it. I embraced Fitness wholeheartedly from moment on. After I had lost 30 lbs or so, I decided to take a Mixed Martial Arts class at a local gym, it was something I had always wanted to do and finally, I was ready. I loved it and dedicated the next 10 years to training full time Mixed Martial Arts. My broad spectrum of MMA training included Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was intense training that included Boxing, Thai Kickboxing, kali weapons, brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Wing Chun. I became an instructor and coach and have taught privately and in group sessions. "Attaining a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and training with Royler Gracie were inspiring moments." Philosophy I experienced from Martial Arts that disipline, focus, and attention is critical to results. Training for me is mental, and aesthetics is what happens after, it’s a side effect of dedication. So if you have an hour, a half hour, 2-4 times a week, to exercise, be dedicated and committed to that time, and I guarantee you will get results! “Martial Arts has laid an awesome foundation for me on many levels and I enjoy being able to pass that on to my clients in a way that fits them & their individual goals. Translating the training principles of discipline, focus, and self awareness to an enhanced level of fitness.” Featured in Shape Magazine April 2011 Featured in OXYGEN FITNESS MAGAZINE June & October 2009 Placed 5th in Fitness Figure @ Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2009 Certificate in Natural Health/ Alive Academy of Natural Health

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